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Let Metallics help you maximize your fastener profits. Send us a layout of your point of purchase display area and let our experts do what they do best, design an area that returns the most bang for your buck. Please take the time to view our new and innovative counter top display boards, shelves, Lozier racks, counter top drill displays, counter top protective eye wear displays, brand new attention grabbing profit building header cards and exclusive tri-fold ceiling danglers. Also, introducing the plastic jar E-Z Flip Lid.

In the highly competitive world of fasteners and related supplies, companies need to differentiate themselves. Metallics is not just a supplier of fasteners, we also design and manufacture fastener components to your specifications. In coordination with our affiliate, Avanti Screw, we are able to design and produce new and innovative fasteners in our Bristol, Ct. plant. We are the gold standard of fasteners!

Here at Metallics we realize the need for competitive products at competitive prices. We also believe that the reason to take on the Metallics line is to maximize profits. Our company constantly employs more efficient and streamlined methods of doing business, these techniques allow us to operate at peak efficiency and to pass the saving on to you. In addition to a higher profit margin, we offer:

• Manufacturing
• Highest Fill Rate
• Same day shipping
• Live Customer Support
• Exclusive “Hard body” Packaging
• Distributor Price Catalogue on CD
• Located in Bristol, CT.
• Highest Ratio of American-made to foreign-made Product

With Metallics, you can be sure that a strong relationship will be built not only with us, but also between you and the customers you serve. And because you deserve the “personal touch,” when you call our support staff you can be assured that you will always be able to speak to a person and not a machine.